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Incubator shakers

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Multitron has the largest capacity in its size class and can be stacked in up to three units. Infor’s shake incubator. Minitron has just over half the capacity compared to Multitron.


Multitron is available for bacteria and cell culture, MTP and in a standard version.

Several different cooling systems.

Minitron is available for bacteria and cell culture, with and without cooling


Multitron can be stacked in up to three units

Minitron can be stacked up to two units

Special features

Minitron and Multitron are available in special designs for, for example, algae and high temperatures. Also equipment for using cell culture bags * (type Wave)

Are you unsure which model of Infors Multitron shake incubators is right for you? When it comes to the large stackable shakers in the Multitron family, you can think of the following differences:

Multitron has more options, can be rebuilt and even afterwards and has the option of more parameters. Multitron Standard comes pre-configured and cannot be rebuilt or added at a later time. It has two parameters; shaking speed and temperature.

In order of magnitude from minimum to maximum capacity:


The Multitron family

Special models (same capacity as Multitron):

Microtron with 3 mm shake amplitude (for culture plates, MTP)

Thermotron (for high temperatures)

*Multitron only

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