Sonation box

Sound insulation boxes

We sell sound insulation boxes from Sonation. They are designed for acoustic insulation of backing pumps, ultrasonic baths and water chillers of the types used frequently in laboratories. The different models provide acoustic insulation for almost all types of pumps. If a pump does not fit one of our Standard products we would be delighted to make you an offer for a sound insulation box with customised dimensions.


The two images show the noise of a backing pump broken down into single frequencies.The image on the left shows the noise without a sound insulation box, the image on the right the noticeably reduced noise with a sound insulation box.Things to know

All our sound insulation boxes consist of a stable powder coated metal box clad on the inside with a high-grade 20mm thick acoustic insulation material.

The temperature- and pump monitoring system APPS monitors important data like temperature, fan speed and pump current drain. In case of a failure an acoustical and optical alert shows up.

The acoustic insulation material used is oil and water repellent as well as flame retardant in accordance with FMVSS 302 and  DIN 75 200.

The dissipation of pump heat is achieved by the use of low noise, slow turning 120mm ventilators. The conduct of air within the box is designed in such a way that the pump enjoys optimal cooling without allowing any noise to penetrate through the air inlet and outlet ports.

Noise reduction is up to 16dB(a) representing an approximate reduction of up to 80% of the experienced noise.

The sound insulation boxes are equipped with pump specific cover sheets. These cover sheets can be used to adapt the sound insulation box to the respective pump type. That way, if you wish to insulate a different pump, all that needs to be changed is the cover sheet.

G-Lock technology allows fast removal of cover sheets without the aid of tools by means of a magnetic lock.