Multitron Standard 2.0

The Multitron Standard is a reliable workhorse with high capacity for microbial cultivation.

The Multitron Standard has all the important advantages of the Multitron 4 for the most common applications. For example, the ease of use and the optimal use of floor space through the modular structure and the downward-opening door. The integrated microprocessor provides flexible control including timer programming.

In autumn 2022, the instrument was updated and now has a fresher finish with a clearer display.

General characteristics of the Multitron Standard

  • Robust workhorse
  • Single, double or triple stacked
  • With and without cooling
  • Good work light
  • Penta Drive, 25 and/or 50 mm shaker diameter
  • Easy to upgrade (single unit for stacking available)
  • Clear, user-friendly and easy-to-use display
  • Programmable timer
  • Complete range of accessories (washers, clamps, pipe/microplate holders)
  • The Multitron provides the largest shaking capacity in its class. Tray type M (850 x 470 mm) has room for, for example, 87 x 100 mL or 6 x 5000 mL E-flasks
  • The top tray rests extended at a working height of only 1.30 m and individual containers are handled easily and conveniently. With heavy loads, this is significantly easier than with independent box systems. Even the lowest unit is easily loaded as the door acts as a shelf and thus saves the user’s back
  • The design is the best possible also with regard to external size and weight. A triple unit, for example, is under 2 meters high and weighs less than 450 kg.
  • In addition, in a stacked unit, all parts have the same drive mechanism, which guarantees accurate and vibration-free driving despite the high forces

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