The Minitron has the same outstanding features as its big brother, the Multitron, but on a smaller scale.

Microbial version: The microbial version comes with a new, extra strong operating system. Even at maximum load, with Thomson’s Ultra Yield Flasks™ and a total culture volume of 6 L, the Minitron has very low vibration and low noise volume. Provides maximum oxygen transfer and growth.

Cell culture version: The Minitron also makes it easy to work under the stringent conditions of cell culture. In addition to the precise CO2 control, the new version of the Minitron provides a uniquely low CO2 consumption which is comparable to a static incubator. A hygienic humidity system with direct steam prevents evaporation and guarantees a constant cultivation volume. The package is rounded off with a chamber that is very easy to clean.

Maximum growth

The powerful operation provides speeds up to 400 rpm even in stacked systems. When combined with Ultra-Yield Flasks™ (Thompson) you get maximum oxygen transfer for optimal growth and high cell densities. The high incubation chamber in the Minitron allows you to fit E-flasks up to 5L size.

Space-saving design

Thanks to its modular design, the Minitron can be placed anywhere either on or under bench seats and it can also be stacked up to two units.

Minimal CO2 consumption

The electronic regulation of the CO2 concentration in the incubation chamber is a key criterion for the cultivation of mammalian cells as it ensures that the pH value in the culture is kept stable.
The sealing throughout the Minitron minimizes CO2 consumption to the same level as a static incubator. CO2 regulation is recommended above all for the cultivation of mammalian cells and algae.

Environmentally friendly cooling

If a temperature lower than 5°C above room temperature is desired, a cooling system is needed. Infor’s cooling systems are CFC-free and are automatically activated only when needed – an environmentally friendly system.

Hygienic humidification system with steam

Hygienic moisture system with steam prevents evaporation and ensures a constant cultivation volume. This means that the osmotic pressure of your cultivation is kept low even during long cultivation periods and for low volumes (e.g. microtiter plates). The completely aseptic design eliminates the need to clean the humidification system.

Temperature range:

Without cooling – 5 °C above RT up to 65 °C
With cooling – 16 °C below RT up to 65 °C, minimum +4 °C

Intuitive use

  • Optimal overview
  • Careful control and monitoring
  • Integrated timer
  • Wireless data transfer

The newly developed touchscreen has modern sensor keys with a separate display. The menu structure has been optimized by experts to provide easy and intuitive use.
Features such as an integrated timer and wireless data transfer to the eve software provide additional convenience and control.

Easy cleaning

The interior has been redesigned according to hygienic principles and provides easy and safe cleaning. The bottom of the chamber retains the liquid that flows out in the event of a spill and can be drained via an outlet. The same outlet is advantageously used for cleaning.

Wireless bioprocess control eve

  • Ease of use
  • Complete collection of process data
  • Recipes and protocols
  • Detailed reports
  • Compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11

For example, temperature-controlled induction of protein expression can be done through a simple time-based profile in the software.

A passage on the side makes it possible to place cables for measuring probes or gas lines into the chamber.

Technical data Minitron

My size (W x D x H): 800 x 623 x 700 mm
Max capacity: 3 x 5 L E-flasks
Max expansion: Stackable, up to 2 units
Speed ​​range: 20 – 400 rpm
Shaking amplitude: 25 or 50 mm
Temperature range: 5°C above RT up to 65°C (without cooling) 16°C below RT up to 65°C (without cooling); Minimum +4°C
Standard parameters: Temperature and speed
Additional parameters (option): Cooling, CO2 control, humidity, special lighting (on request).

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