Multitron is the first choice for those who want a simple and reliable cultivation of microorganisms and cells. The incubation shaker guarantees homogeneous conditions and gives reproducible results.

Despite its small size, a triple-stacked Multitron can be used for over 60 liters of culture or, with the version that has 3 mm shaking amplitude, perform over 23,000 experiments in parallel. The top unit Multitron has a comfortable working height of only 1.40 m in a triple stack. It is also good to have the Multitron standing on a bench or work table for those who only need one unit.


  • Maximum capacity on minimum surface area
  • Handles high loads without modifications
  • All units are easily accessible – even in triple stacks
  • Best conditions for your research
  • Minimal disruption to the growth cycle
  • Faster and easier door opening and closing
  • Faster start and stop
  • Even better temperature uniformity
  • Better insulation, which further reduces the risk of condensation
  • Easier cleaning and sanitation thanks to optimal hygienic design

Optimum capacity on a small surface

4 m laboratory walls have room for:

  • 3x Multitron triple stack (max working height: 1.40 m)
  • The Multitron only needs 8 cm ventilation slots on each side
  • Multitron likes corners, you can decide where to install it!


  • Max. working height 3-stack: 1.40 m
  • Best on the market
  • The Multitron enters through low doors and ceilings
  • Management
  • Problem-free door opening Multitron LAB Sweden
  • Rapid braking (configurable)
  • Intelligent safety at high speeds
  • Time saving
  • Minimal interruptions in cultivation
  • Easy access even on the 3rd drive
  • Big numbers
  • Ability to check status from a distance
  • Optimized usability


  • No unnecessary complexity, optimized for smooth and reliable operation
  • “Just shake”, no risk of user error
  • Dynamic balancing for vibration-free operation
  • Designed to move mountains: Powerful motor for up to 55 kg load
  • Option: 3 mm shaking orbital
  • Ideal for screening with deepwell or microtiter plates
  • Large capacity: over 23,000 samples per 3-stack


As individual as your needs:

  • Stack 1, 2 or 3 units
  • Start low, go higher later
  • Many options
  • Storage space in high base (for 1 or 2 units without cooling)
  • Removable shelf (static, optional)

Climate control

  • Improved temperature control system
  • High performance and reliable
  • Improved airflow pattern
  • Excellent temperature uniformity
  • Less evaporation, e.g. from tiles
  • High quality parts, e.g. fans with a lifespan of 20 years (24/7 operation)
  • Climate control – Cooling system
  • Selection of integrated solutions:
    • Top cooling (900 W, up to 3 units)
    • High capacity cooling, top cooling (2x 900 W, up to 3 units)
    • Cooling in the plinth (900 W, 1 or 2 units)
  • External cooling:
    • Connection to 3-part cooling unit (1 unit)
    • Connection to in-house systems
    • Recommended for use from 6 °C above RT or below
  • Lowest temperatures:
    • Number of units 900 W cooling 2x 900 W cooling
    • 1 18 °C below RT 25 °C below RT
    • 2 17 °C at RT 24 °C at RT
    • 3 15 °C below RT 22 °C below RT

Climate Control: Humidity – Eliminates evaporation

  • Direct steam humidification
  • Hygienic, pressure-free use
  • Heating of door windows and critical components, better insulation
  • Free from condensation up to rH = 85% in most applications!

Climate control: CO2 addition, stable pH for cell culture

  • Low carbon dioxide consumption
  • Uses the chamber as a gas mixing station and mixes itself to the right concentration. Specially mixed gas is not needed!
  • Ventilation opening for processes with high oxygen consumption


  • Smooth surfaces, drainage, rounded corners, no dead spots
  • Easy to clean
  • Option: Antimicrobial surface

Option: UV decontamination

  • UV lamps in the air flow behind the stainless steel baking sheet
  • Decontamination of air circulating in the Multitron

Options: Alarm, Analogue output, option cable entry

  • Connection to alarm system
  • Analog outputs (4-20 mA)
  • Improved cable routing; used for reference sensors, qualification
  • Easy to reach sensors for maintenance

Option: eve® for monitoring and advanced control

  • Integrate into the network
  • Native Ethernet without the need for external adapters / converters

Technical data

  • Size (W x D x H): 1070 x 880 x 695 mm (without cooling system)
  • Volume: 21 L
  • Max load: 55 kg
  • Max expansion: stackable up to 3 units
  • Shaking speed: 20 – 400 rpm (3mm: 1,000 min-1) depending on load and number in stack
  • Shake type: Orbital, 3mm/25mm/50mm/adjustable
  • Temperature range: 6°C above room temperature up to 65°C (without cooling system) 22°C below room temperature up to 65°C (with side cooling)
  • Standard parameters: Temperature, speed, timer
  • Options: Cooling, humidity, CO2 control, light intensity
  • Humidity (rH): Up to 85% non-condensing

Read more about Multitron on our supplier Infor’s website.

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