About Berner Lab Norway

Berner Lab is part of Berner Oy, a growing and internationally oriented Finnish family business founded in 1883. Berner has a long tradition, where the commitment to defending tomorrow permeates everything we do. Our goal is to act in a way that leads to good quality of life both now and in 100 years.

Berner Lab was started in 1986 and has continued to grow and evolve since then. Berner Lab offers comprehensive solutions and services for all types of laboratory needs. We assist in selection, provide training, and perform maintenance. Our customer base spans from public organizations to various industries as well as research and service laboratories. Our customers especially value our wide range of products, expertise, and local service.

By using our versatile and constantly growing product and service range, we create individual solutions that meet our customers’ needs. We believe in building meaningful partnerships through openness and confidentiality. Thanks to our extensive service range, we can offer our customers tailor-made service packages, whether it’s about training staff or maintenance services.

The company maintains its commitment to providing personal expert support and has a diverse product portfolio divided into 5 main areas:

  • Analysis/Chemistry
  • Automation
  • Basic Equipment
  • Biology/Life Science
  • Consumables


Norway was originally founded in 2010 under the name Noax Lab AS as part of the ClaraLab group. In 2022, Bröderna Berner AB, a company within the Finnish Berner OY group, acquired ClaraLab AB including their subsidiaries LAB Sweden, LAB Norway, and LAB Denmark. This acquisition aligns with Berner’s strategic vision and strengthens their presence in the laboratory industry.