Test tube rack

The test tube rack is designed for incubation in test tubes or Falcon tubes. It has rubber gaskets that secure the pipes securely and prevent noise when shaking. The tubes can be incubated vertically or at an adjustable angle.

The test tube rack can be used both with a universal tray with screw holes and with an adhesive mat.

ATR test tube rack
Diameter (mm) Number of tubes
8 144
10 100
12 72
14 64
16 36
18 39
20 36
22 33
25 20
30 16
ATR test tube rack, Falcon
Diameter (mm) Volume (ml) Number of tubes
16 15 36
30 50 18
ATR test tube rack for tubes with«aeration cap»
Diameter (mm) Volume (ml) Number of tubes
18 15 36
30 50 10
30 50 16

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