Box for microtiter plates

When working with microtiter plates or deep well plates there will be a risk of evaporation and contamination.

By placing microtiter plates or deep well plates in the box, evaporation will be reduced, or even eliminated. The box reduces evaporation sufficiently even in a shaking incubator without a humidification system. The box and humidification system combination completely eliminates evaporation, even if the liquid volume is less than a drop (evaporation in a 96-well round-bottom plate filled with 150 µL per well is less than 0.3% after 24 hours).

The box can solve the problem of contamination in microtiter plates by providing a sterile environment. For cell culture applications, we recommend that it be autoclaved and that a disposable filter be placed over the vent holes in the lid. For microbiological applications, there is no need for this – the physical protection against direct contact of the air space in the shaking incubator will be sufficient.

The box can be used in all our shaking incubators with a capacity from one in the Ecotron and Minitron to three in the Multitron family. One box holds 18 microtiter or 12 deep well plates. The box can be placed on a self-adhesive mat (up to 150 rpm) or in a universal drawer (up to 400 rpm).

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