Liquid nitrogen (LN2)

Liquid nitrogen (LN2)

We have two suppliers in liquid nitrogen, Cryotherm and Labtech.

Cryotherm LAB Diagnostics


Our supplier in cold storage Cryotherm are specialists in the manufacture of vacuum-insulated containers for liquid nitrogen that are used in many different industries such as the chemical industry, medicine, food, research or biobanking. They develop innovative solutions for customers’ individual processes.

Cryotherm is the first certified manufacturer to offer a storage system like this, with liquid nitrogen as a medical product for freezer storage. The storage systems are of high thermal quality thanks to vacuum insulation and therefore extremely low temperature is ensured. Cryotherm’s special container monitoring system guarantees optimal long-term storage.

A variety of applications are available. Please click in the catalog for more information: Cryotherm catalog


Application book

Labtech’s nitrogen generator is made to be in place in your lab to quickly produce LN2. Prepare your own high quality liquid nitrogen, anywhere and anytime. Generating liquid nitrogen on site is extremely easy. Experience with your own eyes the convenience of having the generator in your laboratory without delivery problems.

Read more about Labtech’s nitrogen generator in this brochure.

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