Lab fridge and lab freezer from Gram

 Lab fridge and lab freezer from Gram

LAB Norway sells both lab refrigerators and lab freezers from Gram Commercial. Gram Commercial is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of highly efficient lab refrigeration and lab freezing equipment for quality-conscious professional users.

Gram has designed, fine-tuned and optimized every detail in its various models of lab freezers and lab coolers for biostorage to ensure maximum reliability and optimized airflow. The unique air circulation system directs a cold air stream down through a special distribution plate at the back of the unit’s interior. This airflow is then forced around the inside of the unit as it circulates back towards the cooling system mounted at the top of the unit. This ensures constant temperature throughout the unit and the time required to return to pre-programmed temperature after a door is opened is very short. This keeps energy consumption to a minimum.

Models included in BioLine are BioUltra, BioPlus, BioMidi, BioCompact II, and BioCompact and are different refrigerators and freezers for different storage requirements.

A distinctive feature of the Bioline series is that all cabinets (except the BioUltra -86C freezer) fully meet the ATEX standards* – both in terms of interior and exterior.

Gram BioLine cabinets are 9001 certified and thus benefit from a comprehensive set of quality management systems. Production takes place in Denmark and the warranty is 3 years on all BioLine models.

Two of Gram’s latest models are Exguard and Bioultra with water cooling. You can read more about these two cabinets by clicking on the headings below.

Are you interested in Gram’s lab fridge and lab freezers? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you!

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