C 7000 calorimeter

The C 7000 calorimeter from IKA is the first calorimeter on the market that has a completely dry system for measuring calorific value in solid and liquid matrices. The temperature is measured directly in the decomposition system, which gives measurement times of 3-7 minutes per sample (depending on the sample matrix).

With its unique coding system, the C 7000 instrument can easily handle up to 8 different calorimeter vessels. Via the intuitive touch screen, the user is guided through the settings for the entire process. With extensive built-in automation, this simplifies the instrument user’s work routines.

C 7000 provides precise and repeatable calorific values ​​set according to international guidelines such as ISO 1928, DIN CEN/TS 16023, DIN EN 15400, DIN EN 15170, DIN EN ISO 18125.

The C 7000 is available with a standard variant of degradation vessels or with halogen-resistant degradation vessels – for samples containing high halogen levels, for example in the recycling industry.

See the data sheet in the left column for more information on the different models in the C 7000 family.

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