C 200 calorimeter

IKA’s C 200 calorimeters are built to high standards in accordance with international guidelines/standards. The instrument is also cost-effective and takes up little space on the bench in the laboratory. As it is built with robust technology, the instrument requires minimal maintenance.

The instrument can be recommended for activities where there are not many samples to analyze, and it is also available in a “student” version – for schools and other academic activities, where robustness is a clear advantage.

With user-friendly operation, the instrument offers 4 types of test methods:

  • Isoperibolic
  • Dynamic
  • Manual (isoperibolic)
  • Time controlled

The calorimeter software, C 6040 CalWin, is available as an option for extended possibilities for data processing and evaluation of results. C 200 is available in different versions, with or without sample exchanger, with or without recirculating water cooler and in a halogen-resistant version.

See the data sheet in the left column for more information on the different models in the C 200 family.

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