Analysis of pharmaceutical products

Analysis of pharmaceutical products

From March 2019, LAB Norway AS is the sole distributor of SOTAX – Solutions for Pharmaceutical Testing instruments and support in Norway.

With expertise and passion for more than 40 years, SOTAX has delivered high-quality test solutions for the analysis of pharmaceutical products. Strongly committed to local service and ongoing innovation, SOTAX is the preferred choice for pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

SOTAX is now an international leader in the development and production of equipment for dissolution testing, automated sample preparation and for physical testing of pharmaceutical “Dosage Forms”.

With a global network of service technicians, the business is also a reliable supplier of installation, maintenance, repair and qualification services for SOTAX, for Dr. Schleuniger® Pharmatron and for own Zymark products.

SOTAX today produces equipment and instruments for dissolution testing, sample preparation and for physical tests within pharmaceutical R&D as well as for test/analysis during the production of the finished products; including advanced IPC.

The SOTAX brand has been known since 1993 for pioneering the development and production of the “USP4 Flow Through system” and for being the industry’s reference brand for fully automated dissolution solutions.

In 2014, SOTAX introduced the revolutionary new “Xtend” Dissolution Tester.

In 2008, SOTAX bought Zymark’s trademark and product lines from “Caliper Life Sciences” (now part of PerkinElmer). Zymark was known for its outstanding work in laboratory automation and robotics. All Zymark product lines were re-branded as SOTAX products in 2014.

SOTAX / Zymark automated instruments/robots handle hundreds of dissolution tests and samples for analysis for “content/blend uniformity” every day in laboratories worldwide.

Since 1972, Dr. Schleuniger® Pharmatron has been the world leader in tablet testing solutions and has specialized in complete systems for tablet hardness. Besides the precision measurement of weight, thickness, width, diameter and hardness (breaking strength) of tablets, Pharmatron offers an advanced PAT system for automatic “Content Uniformity Testing” with NIR for “Real-Time-Release (RTR)”.

The range of physical test equipment also includes test equipment for Tablet Disintegration, Tablet Friability, Tapped Density, Powder Flow and Cap Torque. With tens of thousands of hardness testers installed worldwide, Dr. Schleuniger® Pharmatron sets the standard for the robustness and precision of these instruments.

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