We sell viscometers from IKA.

Viscometers are used in many types of industries – from product development to quality and process control instruments. The viscosity provides important information about the properties of a product for the food industry and manufacturers of cosmetics.

IKA’s viscometers in the ROTAVISC series meet the requirements set by most laboratories. With the right configuration, IKA’s ROTAVISC can provide both relative and absolute values ​​- with good reproducibility of +/- 0.2%.

Since a viscosity value is only useful in combination with specific temperature, all IKA’s viscometers come with a PT 100 temperature sensor. Viscosity measurements can be made between -100 ⁰C up to + 250⁰C, with suitable accessories such as ELVAS-1 spindle set and HR 2 thermostat unit.

The user-friendly menu on the instruments with several language choices provides safe operation of the instrument.

Three measurement methods are possible, depending on the model / version. In addition, up to 10 different programmable methods can be saved. The operator can define start and stop parameters for an individual measurement via timer, when a specific rotational resistance has been reached, or when the viscosity has been measured. Via the software Labworldsoft © 6 Visc, you can connect the instrument to a network and the ability to control the viscosity measurement with a thermostat and other sensors.

The software supports requirements set by 21 CFR Part 11 controlled operations.

ROTAVISC offers the user great flexibility through the ability to upgrade the instrument with other agitators and instrument stands.

ROTAVISC is available in four models:

  • ROTAVISC lo-vi viscosity range 1 – 6,000,000 mPas (suitable for juices, solvents, cooking oils, inks, liquid soaps)
  • ROTAVISC me-vi viscosity range 100 – 40,000,000 mPas (suitable for paint / varnish, mayonnaise, dairy products, ketchup)
  • ROTAVISC hi-vi In viscosity range 200 – 80,000,000 mPas
  • ROTAVISC hi-vi II viscosity range 800 – 320,000,000 mPas (suitable for different types of paste, ointments, gels)

The instruments are delivered with ISO standardized stirrer set, protection console, temperature sensor, couplings and stand (ROOT STAND).

See data sheet with more information about the different ROTAVISC models.

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