UVP Multidizer Oven

Oven with two separate incubation chambers

  • Microprocessor controlled incubation temperature
  • Accurate temperature and rotation speed control
  • Carousel for multiple bottle sizes and off-set bottle positioning

Product Details

  • LED display for easy operation
  • Easy to clean interior made of stainless steel
  • Two independent incubation chambers
  • Glass door for easy viewing of samples and blocking of ß-emission from the hybridization chamber

The UVP Multidizer Oven is designed with two separate incubation chambers that work as separate, independent units and can be used for a variety of applications. The two chambers allow for simultaneous hybridization and blotting procedures requiring different sized bottles, motions, or temperature settings. The upper chamber is equipped with a shaker tray that can be exchanged with an acrylic carousel or an orbital tray that are available as optional accessories. The removable protective trays allow for easy cleanup of spilled media. Through the use of accessories, the UVP Multidizer Oven offers several motion functions: shaking, rolling, orbital rocking and rotating all in one unit.

The unit features a precise microprocessor for control of rotation speeds and temperature control. An internal circulating fan maintains temperature uniformity, and a large LED display shows the current chamber temperature. Internal stainless steel construction enables the environment to be easily kept clean. The oven accommodates multiple bottle sizes, arrangements, and offset positions to meet a variety of mixing requirements. The rotary wheel holds twenty 35 x 150 mm bottles or 35 x 100 mm bottles, ten 35 x 300 mm bottles, or a combination of the various sizes.

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