Rotation Evaporator

Rotation Evaporator

We offer IKA’s valued and innovative rotary evaporators from IKA’s RV series.

IKA’s rotary evaporators set new standards for safety, efficiency and user-friendliness. These vaporizers offer good vaporization solutions for the demanding user.

A rotary evaporator provides better control over the evaporation process itself compared to conventional, non-rotating evaporators.

Among other things, better heat distribution, faster heating and distillation, better control of possible overheating and dry boiling, etc.

Rotary evaporators can be used for solvent recovery, extractions, concentration of solutions, drying of powder materials, separation of material mixtures, distillation of low-boiling solvents, distillation of temperature-sensitive solutions under vacuum control, distillation of oxygen-sensitive solutions with inert gas and in chemical synthesis with reflux.

IKA’s rotary evaporator consists of the models RV 3, RV 8, RV 10.

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