Our supplier LabTech offers a complete range of DigiBlock digestion systems to fit any customer need. The DigiBlock heating surface is made of graphite or aluminum alloy protected by PTFE coating and can accommodate as many as 54 graduated tubes and operates from room temperature up to 450°C. The DigiBlock complies with the highest international standards to perform EPA approved methods. The DigiBlock use low cost, disposable digestion tubes to speed up. The LabTech PP digestion tubes contain no detectable background contaminants and do not require washing with acids prior the use. Different sizes and disposable tubes are available to meet any laboratory needs.

6 Good reasons to choose LabTech DigiBlocks

  • Very compact footprint. Saves precious bench space.
  • Chemical resistance. Long lasting operations.
  • Flexibility. More efficiency.
  • Ease of use. Even junior lab technicians feel comfortable.
  • Uniform temperature regardless the sample position. Quality and repeatability.
  • Excellent price/performance ratio. A solution for any budget.

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