Cultivation bottles and filters

Cultivation bottles and filters

AirOtop ™ Enhanced Seals (patented) are sterile disposable filters that provide high gas yield for all shake bottles. The filter has a 0.2 micrometer sterile barrier with a closable membrane for use with Ultra Yield and other brands of bottles. Multiple sizes are available to work with most commercially available shake bottles. Customers have tested the filters with excellent results for up to 24 hours of cultivation. Testing included Protista (algae), E. coli and other microbes, and resulted in improved growth and more aerobic growth for all lines tested. Testing also showed that the pH of the culture was more neutral.

Key features:

  • 0.2 micrometer filter for high gas yield
  • Increased ventilation
  • Hydrophobic seal
  • Self-adhesive seal (tested for up to 24 hours of growth)
  • Compatible with standard bottles
  • Eliminates contamination of the bottles
  • How do they work?

AirOtop ™ filter can be applied as a clean, sterile barrier that allows gas exchange while preventing contamination from condensation and airborne particles such as phage, mold, spores and dust. AirOtop ™ replaces plastic and metal caps, aluminum foil, cotton plugs and cloths and is also a convenient solution for many different types of flasks. When used in combination with the Ultra Yield bottles, they become a simple high production system as they provide maximum gas yield which improves yield.

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