Under bench cabinets

Under bench cabinet for lab – always have your work materials close at hand.

Where do you keep all your things you need in the lab? It is best to keep them directly under the counter in a box or drawer. Bench cabinets on wheels or suspended in frames or with steel pedestals. We have personalized solutions for storage with EXPLORIS® bench cabinets.

Depending on the space under the table frame (type, height, width), different types of benches are available. You can read more about the dimensions offered in the product sheet in the left column.


• Flexible and individually configurable
• Adapted storage space such as a mobile cabinet, frame base cabinet or solid with steel plinth
• Available as C-frame or A-frame underbench cabinets
• Worktops that match your requirements
• Made of electrolytically galvanized steel
• Colour: Arctic White, similar to RAL Design 260 90 05
• Various possible combinations of doors and drawers
• Sound-insulated doors in a double-shell design

You can find more information about Köttermann’s bench cabinet for lab in the product sheet in the left column. You are also very welcome to contact us.

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